Wednesday, August 2, 2017

An Ilongga Blog

I am very happy to announce the opening of, my blog on the Philippines, Filipinos and "Pinoy" popular culture. Ilongga is the female grammatical ascription of a native of Iloilo, the Philippine province where I was born and raised.

I have long since wanted to make a website on the Philippines and all its cultural nuances. What is so interesting is that there are a lot of Filipinos like myself living outside the country; most of us in this category are migrant workers (OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers). I wanted to capture the overall Pinoy spirit from this international, expatriate perspective. What's more, I dearly wished to showcase my beautiful hometown, Iloilo City, in particular. I finally got around to launching this blog on 2nd August 2017, two months after I decided to buckle down and purchase a domain for my web brainchild. As luck would have it, was available at the time. is also available on your favorite social media channels and sharing networks. We have Pinterest Boards and a Tumblelog. You can also follow us on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

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